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Welcome to Raipur Stone Clinic

Today is the era of non-invasive procedure for treatment of urolithiasis. ESWL (Extra corporeal shock wave)made this dream come true. ESWL has caught the fancy of patients, who fondly call it as LASER.

We feel proud to state that this modern state of art facility is now available at RAIPUR STONE CLINIC.

Raipur Stone Clinic established in 1998, having two Dornier Alpha Lithotripsy, Siemens modularis machines, URS, Lithoclast, RIRS & PCNL

We provide complete care to stone patient.

What is ESWL: Non operative, non invasive method for treating kidney/ureter/urinary calculus disease. Shock wave break the stone into pieces and these small fragments are passes with urine.

No damage either to the kidney or to the surrounding organs has been reported in more than 25 years history of the ESWL.

PROCEDURE: Simple, just lie down on the ESWL table after certain period of treatment, go walking to home. Minimum investigations required. No anesthesia is required.

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